How to

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There are a lot of details that need to be organized to have a successful homestay experience, so the earlier we get started the better. 

For those who like to understand the whole process and track their progress, this page is here to help you understand how things generally happen with My Canadian Family.

  1. Contact us using any of the methods found in the Contact Us page
  2. We send you any application forms required. 
  3. You will complete the forms.
  4. We contact you to set up a time to meet at the potential homestay location. The purpose of the visit will be to:
    1. Meet the family
    2. See the home
    3. Review the Host Participation Agreement (HPA)
    4. Discuss when to get Police checks
  5. We will add you to our database of potential homestay families.
Finding the right match
  1. As we receive student applications we compare them with the Host Families we have in our database. When a homestay student looks like a good match with the information you provided in your application, we will send them the details you provided in the application. We will not send any of the personally identifiable details you provided when you first contacted us. 
  2. If the parents and homestay student feel that you are a good match, they will inform us, and we will send you the details of the student, along with a copy of the HPA to be signed by all residents in your home.
  3. Once you've decided to reserve a spot in your home for the homestay student for the given term, send us the signed HPA and we'll finalize the arrangements with the student.
  4. We will give you details about the student's flight you as soon as we receive them.
  1. We will send someone to pick the homestay student up from the airport and bring them to your home. Someone from your family must be at home to meet them.
  2. We will drop by your home to say hello to you and your new homestay student.