* However you decide to get around, be extra careful around traffic *
* the "rules of the road" are very different between countries *


Most streets have sidewalks, especially in downtown Hamilton, making this a great way to get around.


Hamilton is making big changes to make cycling in the city safer, and more enjoyable.


The HSR (Hamilton Street Railway) is the bus system that will get you where you want to go in Hamilton, and will take you out to Ancaster, Burlington, Dundas, and Stoney Creek. The price (as of Oct 2013) for a one-way ticket for secondary students under 19 years old is $2.55 on the bus, $1.65 with a Presto e-Purse, or $71/month for unlimited travel. 

If you want to travel  to Toronto, Niagara Falls, or some other destination out of town,, you will want to take the GO Train